About Us

Ibero Linhas is located in Lisbon and Porto, boasting two modern offices with a team of 30 employees in each one. Their commitment, dynamics, professional skills and knowledge means that we are able to provide rapid and precise solutions for the wide variety of services Ibero Linhas has to offer.

Permanently connected by way of digital telephone lines and intranet communications also ensure a FAST and EFFICIENT contact between both offices.

The strategic location at the main Portuguese Ports and proximity to large distribution centres means that the Company can offer a greater diversity of services. Our primary goal lies always in satisfying customers’ needs as quickly as possible with services of the highest quality.

Acting as representatives for various ship-owners in Portugal, coupled with international experience gained with its presence in several world-wide markets through strategic partners and well-established partnerships in the main International Ports, has enabled the Company’s forwarding/logistic divisions to ensure a constant dynamic and unparalleled response capacity to a whole diversity of needs and requirements.

The outstanding service we provide is built around flexibility and maximum efficiency. Modernisation, dynamism and a rapid response time play a crucial role in achieving this level of performance. All of our services related to Shipping Agents, Forwarding and Logistics are underpinned by an extremely competent Commercial team that has an in-depth knowledge of the market as well as a highly competitive and dynamic approach to doing business.

The ability to adapt to new needs and new ways of thinking has been instrumental in the success and growth the Company is enjoying, which all employees and business partners are proud of, and put into practice in their daily lives. They are a part of, and contribute to our organization.