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First Ports of Call to Liverpool

As announced on the 28th January 2016, regarding the beginning of WEC Lines’ service to/from Liverpool, we confirm the first direct ports of call to Liverpool next week:


We also accept cargo destined to Dublin, Belfast and Greenock through Liverpool.

We await your bookings.



We are pleased to announce that WEC Lines will start a new direct service to/from Liverpool, thus offering a greater coverage of destinations within the UK, with three weekly departures from the three major ports, namely Felixstowe, Tilbury and now Liverpool.

We will also shorten distances with Ireland and Scotland via Liverpool, thus enabling the provision of services with faster and more efficient transit times.

The strategic focus of WEC Lines with this new service provides the market with a greater range of options and makes companies more competitive, since they become closer to UK’s leading destinations.

Always thinking of customers throughout these 45 years, WEC Lines offers a large portfolio of supported services, with a unique flexibility in the short-sea market.

For quotes and additional details regarding these services, please contact us.

Message for 2015

Having always focused primarily on the satisfaction of our customers, the Ibero group undertook during the year 2014 a range of activities aimed at creating close ties with them, leveraging the relationship between customer-supplier to a true partnership. Indeed we worked hard on simplification of procedures, reduction of bureaucracy, always with a great proactivity of the operational teams in order to deliver the goods to the final destination without any problems.

The financial crisis of 2011 led us to redouble our attention with regard to workflows and clearly bet on the streamlining of our activities and a clear focus on quality, instilling in this way differentiating elements that would make us a truly viable option from the competition.

Today those who work with the Ibero Linhas are assured of a quality work, always ready answers and a customer support far above average. Indeed the latest statistics produced by the customer satisfaction surveys give Ibero Linhas a 93% satisfaction rate, with 100% of the customers stating that they would continue to work with the Ibero group and even recommend our services to others.

These figures leave us obviously proud and simultaneously aware of the responsibility to continue to provide an excellent service in freight transport.

W.E.C. Lines – New direct, weekly service from Portugal to Northen Europe

Ibero Linhas is pleased to announce the start of the new weekly service on 11 May for Containerised Cargo between Lisbon, Leixões and Northen Europe.

The new rotation service encompasses:
1. Antwerp
2. Vigo
3. Leixões
4. Sines
5. Lisbon
6. Rotterdam
7. Tilbury
8. Antwerp

Customers stand to gain with the new direct call in Tilbury and the existing regular call in Felixtowe (from service SPM I) that will improve delivery options in the United Kingdom, especially in the London area. Antwerp targeted cargo will also benefit from a direct call. With this service, WEC LINES now offers fortnightly sailing from / to Northern Europe from / to Portugal.


Regular and direct calls in all Ports, reliability, low transit times, and a diversity of equipment are just some of the features both this new service will offer and also W.E.C as a carrier.